We Are All Photographers Now
An exhibition in Musée de l'Elysée, Lausanne Switzerland

Everything is changing, how we take photographs, manipulate them, share them, store them, even how we pose for them. Our tools are mutating quickly, promising ever faster, clearer, brighter and cheaper pictures. Meanwhile telephones become cameras, desktop printers morph into mini-printing labs, and high-definition screens threaten to dislodge the venerable photographic print from gallery walls. And the eyes of the whole world are only a click away on the computer keyboard.

Where are we all heading?
During photography's entire history, the amateur and the professional have represented distinct and often contrary approaches to photography, each battling for supremacy. Has the digital revolution tilted the field of battle irrevocably in the amateur's favour? Or has it swept this traditional rivalry into the dustbin? Can anyone say?

A laboratory, an experiment, an exhibition
This project takes a close look at the current state of this exciting, rapidly mutating image environment. With submissions from across the globe, from representatives of industry, photographers, editors, curators and cutting-edge internauts, netizens, and digerati. And just as our image world shifts with each passing hour, minute and second, so too will our exhibition respond to new developments with constant updates.

These photos were part of the exhibition, where they were projected along with other submissions. After which they were printed and archived at Musée de l'Elysée, Lausanne.

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July 2007