Olive is a Lot of Things

Olive is a Lot of Things! is an interactive storybook app for a pre-school audience, currently in development. The art and story are created by Lindsay J Haynes, whilst I am working on the interaction design and development.

Through Olive’s vivid imagination we see her undertaking a variety of exciting and colourful jobs - as a deep-sea diver, a jungle adventurer, astronaut, and artist.

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Bloom's Fortress

Bloom's Fortress: The Emerald Bell is an interactive graphic novel for the iPad. Taking cues from The Famous FiveTwin Peaks, and Scarfolk we aim to tell a tale about home, friends, monsters, bravery, adventures, and sheer terror. Whilst largely keeping to a more traditional panel-based layout, we are also exploring forms of interaction to both compliment and break out of this.

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What the Internet Knows

For while now I've been intrigued by the amount of personal data that the internet slowly gathers about us. And by personal data I don't mean bank details, phone numbers, search habits, or shopping preferences. Rather, I'm interested in the innocuous minor details that the internet slowly logs about us, as we go about our day-to-day lives whilst being connected through various services. Nothing much that PRISM would be interested in.

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First Leap

The Leap Motion, a tiny motion controller promising interaction with your computer via pinpoint accurate hand-waggling. This week I received my pre-order, and jumped right into trying out some of the apps on ‘Airspace’, the Leap Motion's equivalent to Apple's App Store.

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So Many Rooms

A “game jam” is an event were game developers get together and build games over the course of a couple of days.

So what is “Room-jam”? It’s an idea brewed up by Devin Reimer. A bunch of independent game developers each making a single room of a game in 48 hours (January 29 to 30). At the end of the 48 hours, the rooms are compiled into a single seamless crazy awesome game. Players progress from one random room to the next. It's called ”So Many Rooms“.

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